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Camus 1 - Washington

Sofitel Washington (USA) – Habillage du « Bar »

Albert Camus’ Nuptials on canvas
A series of  textuel paintings by Hervé Maury

“Le Bar”
Sofitel DC Lafayette Square – washington (USA)

Camus 2 - Washington

“Enfoncé parmi les odeurs sauvages et les concerts d’insectes somnolents, j’ouvre les yeux et mon coeur.”

“Floating amidst wild scents and the symphony of drowsy insects, I open my eyes and my heart.” 

Dyptique Washington

Painted in Marseilles, in front of the sea, Hervé Maury’s artwork always conveys the Mediterranean spirit.

With the diptych Bourdonnement above, Hervé Maury opens the secret insect world, fixing the movements into the canvas, painting the rustle of the wings.